4 Grass Alternatives for Yards with Major Curb Appeal


Green grass with a picket fence is often considered the picture-perfect ideal for a yard, but a lawn isn't necessarily the best choice for every climate or home. Grass alternatives are gaining popularity because turf grass requires a lot of effort to keep it looking lush. More often than not, lawns get patchy and dry during warm seasons and discolored during others without a lot of watering. They need regular mowing to keep them looking tidy.
If maintenance also involves using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, these chemicals can harm people and the environment. Instead, consider these four grass alternatives experts say can offer plenty of curb appeal with less maintenance.  "Grass-free lawns are an emerging trend in the U.S., having started in the western states and moving toward the East Coast.
We're seeing more homeowners choosing to reduce the size of their lawn and plant edible landscapes, pollinator gardens, rainwater gardens, and native prairies/wildflowers, as opposed to grass. This dramatically reduces water usage and allows you to use fewer chemicals and resources—goodbye, lawnmower," says Joe Raboine, Director of Residential Hardscapes at Belgard.
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The ideal option truly depends on what you'd rather do outdoors instead of cutting and watering the lawn. For example, Haeley Giambalvo, the native plant enthusiast behind NativeBackyards.com, has spent the last three years transforming her yard with native plants to become a pollinator and wildlife haven. Raboine and Giambalvo share their insights to help you take the guesswork out of choosing between all the current lawn alternatives.


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