Yellow PageNrutya Shakti Dance Academy

NruthyaShakti Dance Academy (NSDA) is a premiere Indian dance academy based in Dallas, Texas. Established in 1994, NSDA‘s primary objective is t [...]

Yellow PageIndu Mangrola, Sursangam

Sur Sangam is an award winning Indian dance company founded by Mrs. Indu Mangrola in Dallas.

Yellow PageSwaranand - School of Indian Music and H...

Indian Classical Music classes now available in Plano , including bollywood style singing. Classes for vocal and harmonium playing. Special batches fo [...]

Yellow PageShruthi Laya Music School

Shruthilaya is committed to teaching Carnatic music to young and old alike. Having a solid foundation in music is beneficial in more ways than o [...]

Yellow PageEllora Arts

Ellora Center for Performing Arts (ECPA) is a premier dance institute in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area, focusing on teaching the great Indian C [...]

Yellow PageSampradaya school of Bharata Natyam

A premier dance company specializing in Bharatanatyam based out of Dallas. Sampradaya Performing Arts conducts individual and group classes for all [...]

Yellow PageNrutyaShala

We know you will enjoy being a part of the Nrutyashala family. We offer: Bharatnatyam Classes. Folk Dance Classes. Dance Workshops. Costume and Prop R [...]

Yellow PageNrithyalaya of Dallas

Nrithyalaya Dallas offers Bharatha Natyam in the Kalakshetra style. Classes are offered in the Plano area.

Yellow PageNoopur Dance Academy

Noopur Dance Academy - School of Bharatanatyam and Folk Dance was founded in 1992 by Swati Shah

Yellow PageKuchipudi Kalakshetra

A dance school in North Texas, has been shaping dancers of all ages since 1996. Celebrate with us as we walk down memory late with our students, pa [...]

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Nearly all great ideas follow a similar [...]

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How Experts Figure What to Foc...

Peak performance experts say things like [...]

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Each Guitar Reuben Forsland Ma...

A one-room studio atop a wooded hill on [...]

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The Impact of Artificial intel...

The widespread human-robot interaction i [...]

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CategorySave the cow, save earth

India has 150 million cows, each of them giving an average of less than 200 litres of milk per year. If they could be fed and looked after, they can g [...]

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Thomas Babington Macaulay was born in Leicestershire, England on 25 October 1800, the son of a former African Colonial Governor and anti-slavery activ [...]

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CategoryHarvard, kindly explain?

Interesting?  Dr. Swamy wrote an article that according to Harvard professor Diana Eck emphasized the “destructive” nature of the pos [...]