Harvard, kindly explain?

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Interesting?  Dr. Swamy wrote an article that according to Harvard professor Diana Eck emphasized the “destructive” nature of the positions Swamy advocated in India, and characterized the proposals as going well beyond free speech to the advocacy of abrogating human rights, curtailing civil rights, and intruding on freedom of religion.     I read the article too, but if I found objectionable, it is his position that Muslims should be disenfranchised if they do not acknowledge their Hindu ancestry.   Excuse me, I find it so laughable all the esoteric debates of protection of free speech, human rights, protection of religion,  civil rights engaged in the cozy halls of Harvard rooms by faculty living in their little world with little or zero knowledge of the happenings across the world.  Nay, ignorance of what is occurring in their own backyard.


Human rights, women rights,  religious diversity and let us not forget democracy, all this are mouthful words.   Let us see.   Harvard happily accepted a donation of 20 million dollars from Saudi prince S Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz in 2005  to establish a center for Islamic Studies.      Saudi prince is part of the Saudi ruling establishment that enacted laws that give no rights to women,  even to drive, sadly even if raped they need four male witnesses,  where a 5 year old girl is allowed by law to be given in marriage to a 50 year old for settling financial disputes,   where every little Saudi child is being taught,  ‘Jews and Christians are pigs’  and contributed 15 out of 17 well educated Saudi’s who perpetrated 9/11 attack on US due to such education, a country which allowed hundreds of girls die in fire because the girls are not wearing a hijab, .   “Protection of religion”,  Saudi rules which Saudi prince is part of would just not allow any build places of worship of other religions, a Church, a Synagogue, a temple but have curbs on even worshiping at your home.    I guess the color of the green wipes out all the so called high sounding principles.

Now what is ‘Islamic Studies’ I imagine.   Well there it is, Shariah Law.  Wait, does not US have its owns laws for which many thousands have given and continue to give their lives to protect what is enumerated by our forefathers and has withstood the test of time for last more than 200 years.   Has this ‘Harvard Sages’ looked at what Shariah Laws are?   Death Penalty to Gays and Lesbians (Diana, be aware, under Shariah law you will get death sentence),  women to be stoned,  death sentence for apostasy,  Jizya tax on non Muslims, women genital mutilation, cutting of hands and limbs for even small robbery, no music, no art, and it goes on and on.     I see it now,  one hundred years from now, Harvard, the all male institution of Islam creating students who will go out to the wide world to create a Dar Ul Harab, if  it had  not been already,  creating a world of peace and tolerance where there is only Islam.


Talking about free speech versus hate speech?  As FIRE indicated, is there something to distinguish free speech versus hate speech and who would make such a distinction. Diana?  All these people, while they  sit and ruminate the high sounded ideals, worrying about violence in India due to Dr. Swamy article and shooting down Dr. Swamy courses, there was not a single ripple in India for something written widely in India.  Mind you every small thing that happened across the world would create an uproar, burning of buses, stoning Government buildings etc etc but this did not cause a single ripple.   If there is anyone talking about this is Harvard, the great institution that protects the human rights of all people of all religions.   Sadly, little did this ‘Harvard sages’ protecting ‘human rights’ know about Swamy’s own personal life (who has a Muslim son-in-law) or his political life (when he fast unto death for justice to Muslims).   Little do they know India and its history or even the current developments.

Alan Dershowitz is free speech,  Danish Cartoons is free speech,  Saudi prince money is acceptable, but Dr. Swamy is hate speech that he does not even deserve a chance to explain his position.  Harvard, enough is enough, do not embarrass yourself.   You will have more respectability if you at least acknowledge your shortcomings and move on.   If Dr. Swamy decides to sue, not only you lose 20 million Saudi gave, but more importantly your respect.


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