AP Bettings: YSRCP Supporters lost 4K crores?


Andhra Pradesh has just witnessed its most important and most fiercely contested election in its history. The electoral roll was completed with the result being heavily one-sided as the Telugu Desam - Janasena - BJP alliance formed the government in Andhra Pradesh. 

It is well known that heavy betting happened in relation to the AP polls and thousands of crores changed hands in the process.

As per newspaper clippings, those who bet on YSR Congress have lost nearly 4000 crores. The shocking defeat of YCP has resulted in those who bet on the Jagan party lost the mentioned amount and many of them are in severe distress. This is just an estimate from a media outlet and there is no cross verification.

Not just money, a few people even bet their lands, houses, and ornaments on the election. Shockingly, a few people have even bet their cattle and lost the same. 

Primarily, these clippings are suggesting that Jagan's comment at IPAC office saying YCP would win at least 152 MLA seats, followed by Aara Mastan's prediction that YCP would certainly form the government have propelled many to bet on YCP which backfired badly later. 

Though the TDP outfit was overwhelmingly confident and the majority of the betting happened on the alliance, a fair few felt Jagan's mass image would save the day. But in the end, the votes were entirely polarized in favor of the alliance which delivered the knockout punch to Jagan and also those who bet on his party.


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