Kesineni Nani quits politics after humiliating loss


Kesineni Nani is one of the well regarded politicians in the Telugu states and he served as an MP from Vijayawada twice. 

However, the long political run is coming to an end now as Nani has announced that he is quitting politics. 

After careful consideration and reflection I have decided to step away from politics and conclude my political journey.

Serving the people of Vijayawada as a Member of Parliament for two terms has been an incredible honor. The resilience and determination of the people of Vijayawada have been my inspiration, and I am profoundly thankful for their unwavering support.

Although I am stepping away from the political arena, my commitment to Vijayawada remains strong. I will continue to support and advocate for the betterment of Vijayawada in any way I can. 

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported me in my political journey.
As I move on to the next chapter, I carry with me cherished memories and invaluable experiences. I wish the new representatives all the best in striving for the development and prosperity of Vijayawada, Nani tweeted. 

It is known that Nani lost from Vijayawada parliamentary constituency by a margin of 2.8 lakh votes to his brother Kesineni Chinni.


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