Why Chandrababu got back with NDA?


 How many seats to be won in AP After the breakup before the 2019 election, Telugu Desam and BJP worked separately for a few years. But they got back together after being lambasted by the YCP government in the 2019 election. Now, Chandrababu has spoken about the prospects of the TDP+ alliance in the coming elections "We are 100 per cent confident of winning both the polls. People are frustrated with the current govt, everyone is a victim of the governance. Our 160+ MLAs and 24+ MPs will secure victory. About sitting CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chandrababu said “Jagan’s father YSR and I were friends during the 80s. We were close friends. But we parted ways later. I was with TDP and he was in Congress. I have always been clean, and honest and at the same time gave good governance to people. In 2019, Jagan Mohan Reddy became the CM and destroyed the ecosystem. There is no democracy in Andhra Pradesh. I have seen so many CMs but I have never seen a CM who is mentally imbalanced and the one who harasses people and destroys everyone. Chandrababu noted that the NDA alliance will certainly form the government in Andhra Pradesh as it is time to uproot the YCP government.


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