Will Ungaruru sentiment repeat in AP?


The Unguturu constituency in Andhra Pradesh has a unique and historic significance. Since its formation in 1967, the party whose candidate wins here forms the government. The primary contest in this election is between YSRCP and JSP. Puppala Vasubabu, the YSRCP candidate, benefits from his availability to cadre and a strong party loyal vote bank in the segment. His grassroots connections with local voters have positioned him as a competitive candidate, despite challenges such as underdeveloped roads. Effective poll management further strengthens his prospects. Patsmatla Dharmaraju, representing the JSP, enjoys support from influential figures like Ganni Veeranjaneyulu. His accessibility to cadre and responsiveness to local issues have garnered him considerable support. However, to secure victory, he needs to expand his outreach efforts. Effective poll management could be crucial, although current trends favor the YSRCP in this regard. As things stand, YCP is marginally ahead of TDP here.


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