Survey: What’s up in Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram


Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram are two important segments in the Godavari districts and they earliest had a lot of importance as Pawan Kalyan contested here. 

Here’s a look at the polling trends in Gajuwaka. The YSRCP candidate is facing challenges regarding their approach to the Vizag Steel Plant issue. Gudivada Amarnath, who hails from Anakapalli segment, is in the process of establishing grassroots voter connections in Gajuwaka. However, the incumbent MLA's approach has disturbed the YSRCP cadre. Amarnath heavily relies on beneficiaries of YSRCP government schemes, and effective poll management will be crucial for his campaign.

TDP candidate Palla Srinivas Rao Yadav is actively working on the ground and accessible to local cadre. He has his own positive image in the segment, and TDP benefits significantly from the social engineering with the JSP alliance. The party's loyal vote bank remains intact in Gajuwaka, and the urban vote bank, along with the candidacy of MP Bharath, provides an advantage.

In Bhimavaram, TDP’s Anji Babu who has previously served twice as MLA from Bhimavaram, has joined JSP. This segment boasts a strong JSP vote bank, along with support from TDP. Anji Babu enjoys equal relations and support from both JSP and TDP. As a senior politician with a positive image in the segment, he benefits from effective political engineering by JSP. The anti-Jagan narrative propagated by JSP and TDP resonates well in this segment. JSP TDP alliance also garners support from Kshatriya and Kapu vote banks.

Grandhi Srinivas has garnered positive voter feedback and established grassroots connections in the segment. However, his reliance on beneficiaries of YSRCP government schemes is notable.


Gajuwaka, Bhimavaram