Survey: What's Happening In CBN's Hometown Chandragiri


Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu hails from Chandragiri but he later shifted to Kuppam after facing a defeat in the Chandragiri assembly constituency several years ago. 

Coming to the electoral trends in Chandragiri unsurprisingly, TDP is again on the backfoot as YCP's Chevireddy Mohith Reddy is being tipped to be the clear winner. 

Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy has transformed this segment into one of YSRCP's strongest. His son, Mohith Reddy, the current TUDA chairman is contesting from this segment, benefitting from his family ties with the local people and effective work with second-grade leaders. Despite some anti-incumbency sentiments, YSRCP still maintains a significant advantage with its strong vote bank and beneficiaries of government schemes.

Chandragiri has historically been one of the weakest segments for the TDP in the region. TDP is striving to regain ground in the segment by backing Pulivarthi Nani. Support from figures like Dollars Divakar Reddy and Nani's availability to cadre are positive signs for TDP's prospects. Effective poll management can change the result.


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