RTV Survey: Who is sweeping Andhra Pradesh?


Noted Telugu journalist and senior political observer Ravi Prakash recently launched the RTV channel and is active in the Telugu states as they are heading for the election. 

About the coming polling trends in Andhra Pradesh assembly election, RTV Ravi Prakash has clearly hinted that the Telugu Desam Party+ alliance will be sweeping Andhra Pradesh.

RTV Study Report:

2024 prediction

Nellore: TDP 5 YCP 5
Prakasam : TDP 10 YCP 2
Guntur: TDP 14 JSP 1 YCP 2
Krishna: TDP  8 JSP 1 BJP 1  YCP 6
Kadapa : YCP  7 TDP 3
Kurnool:. YCP 10 TDP 4
Chitthor :YCP 7 TDP 7
Anantapur : YCP 5 TDP 8 Cong 1

Total : TDP alliance 62 , YCP  44

RTV Ravi projects that the TDP+ alliance is super strong in Andhra Pradesh and has gained an unassailable lead over the YSR Congress which is ridding with anti incumbency. Will this actually be the case in the final poll results? We shall see


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