What’s Jagan’s take on Sharmila?


The rivalry between Jagan and his sister Sharmila is the last thing that AP people expected after seeing Sharmila put in her tireless efforts for Jagan's win in the 2019 election. But the situation now is such that Sharmila and Jagan are unable to bear the sight of each other. 

It appears to be that Jagan himself is unable to comprehend the nature of the relationship he is having with Sharmila amidst the changed circumstances. 

Recently, Jagan publicly commented on Sharmila's saree color. "She(Sharmila) wore a yellow saree to meet Chandrababu and then kneeled in front of him. She is being remote-controlled by Chandrababu and Revanth Reddy." Again in a latest interview, Jagan said Sharmila listens more to Chandrababu than himself of late. 

And in the very same interview, Jagan again said he still has sisterly feelings for Sharmila and said he certainly does miss her. 

Analysts are reacting to Jagan's statement by asking why he would comment about Sharmila's saree color and claim she kneeled in front of Chandrababu if he still has sisterly feelings for her. Jagan's dual talk on the sensitive talk related to Sharmila is leaving many confused.


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