AP CID @ TDP Office: What's Up?


Though the BJP has zero presence in Andhra Pradesh, there is widespread talk that Telugu Desam approved the alliance with the party in order to ensure a fair and square election, amidst the suspicion that the central BJP helped YCP with electioneering in 2019. But after looking at the latest trends, several TDP leaders are questioning the use of the NDA alliance in AP.

Adding weight to their argument something very provocative happened at the TDP office in Mangalagiri the other day as the AP CID knocked on the doors. The allegation from CID officers is that TDP did IVRS campaigning on Jagan's Land Titling Act and asked TDP office in-charge Ashok Babu to appear for investigation. 

While Telugu Desam has already been fuming at the operations of AP CID since the time of Chandrababu's arrest, this new incident before the election is beyond comprehension. Notably, the election code is also in effect in AP, but that hasn't stopped the CID from knocking on TDP's doors over LTA issue.

TDP supporters are puzzled by this development as they are unable to assess what BJP is doing while such politically motivated actions are taken by the CID. It is all fair and square if YCP goes to the Election Commission on the campaign of TDP as it is a standard procedure to report election-related mishaps. But the CID itself getting involved and knocking on TDP's doors is making TDP leaders question the main purpose of the alliance with BJP i.e., fair electioneering