Tax Saving Retirement Schemes For NRIs in USA - By Samuel Fry


07 Sep 2023 154 0

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Services offered by NRI Money Clinic
* Life & Critical Illness Insurance.
* Child education 
* Emergency Funds
* Retirement Plan
* Health Insurance 
* Wealth Building 
* Tax planning ( investments to minimize tax impact)
* Dollar investment ( Only for NRIs in  Middle East and Africa )
* Mutual Funds ( NRIs other than in US & Canada) 
* PMS ( Portfolio Management Service)
* Fractional Real Estate
* Cash flow planning (Pension, Guaranteed Return plan , Fractional real estate)
* Tax filing and chartered accountant services. (Outsourced services)
* Wills and inheritance planning.  (Outsourced services)
* Property record legal verification (Outsourced service)
* Real Estate in Dubai (Outsourced service)
* Real Estate in Mumbai and Goa (Outsourced service)

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