Heroine's Wine Bottle, Non-veg Pooja

06 Mar 2024 106 views

Description :

It is not uncommon for actors to perform religious practices in a bid to revive their careers. Notably, YouTube-famous Venu Swami specializes in this as he claims to have rejuvenated the careers of many actors with his pooja ceremonies. 

Cut to now, actress Dimple Hayathi appears to have performed a pooja ceremony, and one solitary pic from the same has surfaced on social media and is leaving netizens puzzled. 

In this pic, we can see that some sort of a yaagam or homam has been performed by Dimple along with Venu Swami. But the interesting thing in this pic is the presence of a wine bottle and nonvegetarian food items. 

It can clearly be seen that a wine bottle and a fish, along with chicken have been placed in front of the sacred fireplace. This pic has caught the attention on social media. 

"What kind of a homam requires a liquor bottle and non veg food? What were they thinking?" a netizen commented under this pic on Twitter. Another netizen replied that it is common in certain pooja events to have liquor an non veg as ingredients.

As for Dimple, she was last seen in Gopichand's Raamabaanam. Will this variety pooja land her any more offers in the near future?