Anasuya to campaign for JSP?

30 Mar 2024 103 views

Description :

The election wave is picking up momentum in Andhra Pradesh with less than two months to go for the polling. So all the parties have started to bring out their trump cards in the lead-up to the coming election.

In one such interesting move before the election, Anasuya has seemingly implied that she might be in the frame of mind to campaign for JSP.

When asked about her take on contemporary politics, Anasuya said she is ready to follow a leader and even campaign for his political outfit if she has the right understanding of the scheme of things. She then went on to say that Pawan Kalyan is the kind of leader who can influence a positive change.

This has led to speculations that Anasuya might be campaigning for JSP in the coming polls. But neither Anasuya nor JSP high command have issued a communication on this topic.