What Is Siddhu Jonnalagadda Outside Tillu Franchise?

04 Apr 2024 123 views

Description :

Tillu Square is out in theaters now and it has gone on an impressive run at the box office over the weekend. Going by the pattern, the audience are lapping up the Tillu franchise and the expectations are high for the third part, Tillu Qube. 

Coming to the main man, Siddhu Jonnalagadda, his image resonates with Tillu now. The Tillu franchise has surely gained a big market and the subsequent outings will come with a natural advantage. 

But has all of this Tillu hype generically transcended into Siddhu's own market? Can the successful run of the second part be attributed to a steep rise in Siddhu's market? Well, the numbers that are being posted by Tillu Square are on par with any top-ranked tier 2 star, if not more. 

The only way for us to find out is by gauging the box office performance of Siddhu's next film which is helmed by Neeraja Kona. If this film also opens big and posts good revenues, then it can understood that Siddhu's market has taken a huge upswing.

Siddhu has indeed stood out in the Tillu avatar and the film is entirely carried by his comedy antics. He would be a happier man if this hype adds to his personal value as an actor, if so, he could be a leading contender in the tier 2 market which is currently spearheaded by Vijay Deverakonda and Nani.