MLA gifted house in Dubai? Heroine Reacts

06 Mar 2024 117 views

Description :

Since the last couple of days, Tamil media groups have been abuzz about the speculation that Tamil Nadu MLA Udhaynidhi Stalin gifted a house worth Rs 50 crore in Dubai to Nivetha Pethuraj. This narrative went viral and it reached a point where Nivetha herself had to settle the dust on the same. 

Lately there has been false news circulating about money being lavishly spent on me. I kept quiet because I thought people who are speaking about this will have some humanity to verify the information they receive before mindlessly spoiling a girl’s life. 

My family and I have been under extreme stress since few days. Please think before spreading such false news. 

I come from a very dignified family. I have been financially independent and stable since the age 16. My family still resides in Dubai. We’ve been in Dubai for over 20 years. 

Even in the movie industry, I have never ever asked any producer or director or hero to cast me or give me movie opportunities. I have done over 20 films and it was all that found me. I was and never will be greedy for work or money. 

I can confirm that none of the information spoken about me so far is true. We live in a rented house in Dubai since 2002. Also, racing has been my passion since 2013, Nivetha stated as she denounced the narrative against her.