Om Bheem Bush Review: Mindless But Funny

22 Mar 2024 73 views
Om Bheem Bush Review: Mindless But Funny

Om Bheem Bush which marks the coming together of Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna has hit the theaters today amidst decent hype. Let us see what the film has to offer. 

Story: Krishnakanth(Vishnu) Vinay(Priyadarshi) and Madhav(Rahul) are three over-the-top individuals who claim to be scientists. They set foot in a scarce village in the name of an experiment but find themselves in the midst of a black magic conspiracy which turns their lives upside down. The rest of the story deals with the comical hassles that they are put through. 

How did the actors perform?

Vishnu, Priyadarshi and Rahul are fine performers and they deliver what is expected of them. It isn't that the film demands the best of them as actors but delivering engaging comedy is tough all day all week and this trio does it effortlessly with very little help from the story and presentation front.

What about the technical finesse?

Director Harsha shot to fame with Husharu, a winning youthful comedy drama that worked at the box office. He is back with the comedy genre with Om Bhim Bush and he delivers to an extent. He has zero propensity on the story and holds the slapstick comedy as the mainstay of the film. Music is below ordinary and so is the BGM. Cinematography is standard and so is the production value. 


Three self proclaimed scientists setting out to a remote village on a mission only to find them in the midst of a black magic conspiracy looks good on paper but it needs grade-A screenplay and racy narrative. In this case, the story is inexistent while the comical narrative works only in parts. 

The film starts off on a slow note with the character introduction plot. There are 2-3 good comedy blocks in the opening half that work the trick to an extent. The opening half is a mixed bag.

The real fun starts in the second half where the horror comedy works out well entirely thanks to the lead trio who do the job well in silly comedy situations. The climax is unexpected, or to be more precise, mindless we must say. No one can comprehend what is happening in the end. Some might find it silly, others might enjoy whatever mindless comedy there is.

Verdict: As a whole, Om Bhim Bush is a mindless comedy that relies entirely on comedy part but has zero emphasis on the story front. Those who love silly comedies might give it a try with limited expectations.

Rating: 2.75/5