Tillu Square Review: Siddhu's 1-man show

30 Mar 2024 57 views
Tillu Square Review: Siddhu's 1-man show

Talented young hero Siddhu Jonnalagadda has come back with Tillu Square, the sequel to super hit DJ Tillu which released earlier in 2022. The sequel is also carrying great anticipation and let us see if it can live up to the expectations. 

Story: Tillu (Siddhu) is still recovering from the trauma left by Radhika but he is in the search of a new lady of his dreams. This is when he meets Lilly(Anupama) at a pub. One thing leads to another and they make out in a car, post which Lilly shows up with a baby and says it belongs to Tillu. That's not all, Lilly is related to Rohit who was murdered in the first part. How does Tillu come out of this intricate trap? 

How did the actors perform?

Tillu Square is driven almost entirely by the main man Tillu aka Siddhu Jonnalagadda and steals the show with his exquisite performance from the word go. His comical antics, one liners and trademark mannerisms all stand out in the film. The comedy part is entirely shouldered by Siddhu. 

Anupama has amped up her glamour game in this film as she has done several smooches and romantic scenes. Muralidhar Goud and Raj Tirandasu get meaty roles and they deliver natural performances.

What about the technical finesse?

Handling the sequel to a super hit film like DJ Tillu is always a risky proposition and the risk is taken by director Mallik Ram who keeps the comical entertainer true to the original. The comedy track is fresh for most part and it works the trick. 

Music by Ram Miryala is on point. He does a fine job with the audio album and excels in the comical sound score for the background music. He is a refined talent. Visuals are of standard quality and the production values are good. 


Tillu Square picks up pretty much where DJ Tillu ended. Once Tillu enters the scene, the comical flow is rampant and he sets the ball rolling with his hilarious one-liners. The character mannerisms are carried out perfectly by Siddhu in this witty role.

The zest of Radhika's character is missing in the case of Lilly character despite the steamy performance of Anupama Parameswaran. So the love track and related comedy has ebbs and flows. The opening half is middling to put it more precisely. 

The real fun starts in the second half where there are farcical twists that entertain the viewers despite the lack of logic. This is where the film succeeds and offers the real paisa vasool entertainment. 

The track where Tillu finds out the story behind Lilly's pregnancy brings the house down. There are multiple such comedy blocks spread across the second half. The climax portion relies only on comedy rather than logic which is understandable. 

As an entity, Tillu Square offers a sufficiently entertaining ride to the viewers. Siddhu runs the show entirely with his trademark comedy timing from start to end. 

Verdict: Tillu Sqaure is an entertaining comedy caper that works the trick for its comedy quotient and can be watched for the fun ride that it offers.

Rating: 2.75/5