The Goat Life Review - Heart-Wrenching Survival Drama

29 Mar 2024 50 views
The Goat Life Review - Heart-Wrenching Survival Drama

The Goat Life (Aadujeevitham) is a 2024 Malayalam-language survival drama film written, directed, and co-produced by Blessy. It is an adaptation of the 2008 best-selling Malayalam novel Aadujeevitham by Benyamin, which is based on a true incident. The film has Prithviraj Sukumaran & Amala Paul playing the lead roles while Jimmy Jean-Louis, KR Gokul, Talib Al Balushi, Rik Aby, Nazer Karutheni, Shobha Mohan & others are seen in key supporting roles. The music is composed by AR. Rahman and the film is produced by Blessy, Jimmy Jean-Louis, and Steven Adams under Visual Romance Image Makers, Jet Media Production & Alta Global Media banners.


Najeeb Muhammad (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a middle-class man who is happily married to Sainu (Amala Paul). His dream was to work in the Persian Gulf states and earn enough money to send back home. After several endeavors, he finally got an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia. However, after reaching there, in a twist of fate, he finds himself living a slave-like existence as a shepherd, herding goats in the middle of the desert. How does he escape from the desert prison? Forms the rest of the plot.

What about on-screen performances?

Prithviraj Sukumaran delivers an award-winning performance as Najeeb Muhammad. He puts his blood and sweat into his act and gives out a memorable performance that will emotionally move everyone watching it in the theatres. The way he showed the helplessness in his role through minute expressions deserves appreciation.

Amala Paul as Sainu, Najeeb's wife is pretty decent in her role and the chemistry between them in the flashback portions works well.

KR Gokul as Hakeem, the guy who comes along with Najeeb is another standout performer. He shines well in the second half and puts up a strong supporting act during the escape portions.

Jimmy Jean-Louis as Ibrahim Khadiri, the African who helps Najeeb is a perfect fit in his role. He ably supports Najeeb & Hakeem in the escape portions.

Talib Al Balushi is good as Khafeel. the farm's brutal supervisor.

Rik Aby, Nazer Karutheni, Shobha Mohan & others are fine in their limited supporting roles.

What about off-screen talents?

The story by Benyamin is very realistic with a deep emotional value in the plot. But there are a few places where we feel that the story isn’t moving forward which could've been handled in a better manner. The way the glass bottle rolls onto the road, the mirage scene, the water lake scene, the sand dune part, the snake escape and the way a random arab guy helps Najeeb are a few lovely scenes in the film. 

The screenplay by Blessy is pretty engaging and is devoid of any commercial elements. Right from the time the lead character lands in the airport, the proceedings keep us engaged to as what happens next. The entire escape plan is gripping and a little dragged toward the end portions, but except these little flaws, most of the film is well-written.

Director Blessy does a brilliant job with his presentation. He keeps his narrative very realistic which helps us immerse in the proceedings. The way he showcased all the scenes in the desert and the portions where Najeeb is being tortured in the first half is commendable. Also, his detailing in the film deserves a special mention.

The Telugu dialogues are neatly written and the Telugu dubbing is well done.

The songs by AR Rahman are good and go in flow with the narrative. But it is his background score that takes the film to the next level. His score is simple yet uplifting and adds an excellent layer to the film.

The cinematography by Sunil K.S. is amazing. The way he captured all the desert scenes, those long shots in the deserts, and showcased the suffering of Najeeb is the right light, and perfect framing is appreciable.

The edit by A. Sreekar Prasad is good in parts. The escape portions in the second half could have been trimmed a bit.

The production values by V CelluloiD are top-notch.

What’s Hot?

* Prithviraj's Award-Winning Performance
* Jimmy Jean-Louis & KR Gokul's Performances
* All the Scenes In The Desert
* Heart Wrenching Pre-Climax Portions
* High Emotional Value
* Outstanding Cinematography
* First Rate Production Values
* Good Background Score

What’s Not?

* Slow Paced First Half Half
* Little Dragged Out Escape Portions

Verdict: The Goat Life is a heart-wrenching survival drama with an award-winning performance by Prithviraj Sukumaran. This film continues the Malayalam hit streak after 'Premalu' & 'Manjummel Boys'. It is definitely a brave attempt from director Blessy and his team which should be experienced only on the big screens.

Rating: 3/5