Baby Movie Review - Dragged but does the job

14 Jul 2023 87 views
Baby Movie Review - Dragged but does the job

Baby, featuring young actors Anand Deverakonda, Viraj Ashwin, and Vaishnavi Chaitanya in the lead roles released in theaters today. Here's our review of the film.

Story: Vaishnavi is in love with Anand since her class 10. But after joining engineering, she falls for Viraj from her college and there is romance between them. But at the same time, she wants Anand and is in love with him. How does this affect the lives of these three individuals who are interconnected?

How did the actors perform?

The bunch of young actors Anand, Vaishnavi, and Viraj do a fine job in their roles. They perform to the best of their abilities. Vaishnavi in particular impresses with her fine performance.

What about the technical finesse?

The director Sai Rajesh comes with a unique and youth-centric script and narrates it with conviction. There are several hitting dialogues in the film and they all connect with the younger generation. They might avert the famil audience though.

The music and background score are of top quality. Rendu Prema Maghalilaa song stands out. The sound score is good from start to end. The visuals look rich and so does the production design.


Baby is a youtghul film based on triangular love. It mainly caters to the youth and has several scenes and dialogues that are sure to strike a chord with this folk. It touches a relevant and happening topic.

The young bunch of actors deliver fine performances. Vaishnavi in particular stands out with her settled performance. Anand and Viraj are also good in their roles.

Sai Rajesh picks a striking and unique subject that has good potential, but his narration is dragged on. There are several lengthy conversations in the film which lose the interest of the audience beyond a point. 

The film is unnecessarily lengthy and a good 20 minutes could have been chopped off to make it more interesting. A crisp narrative could have worked wonders for the film.

Verdict: Baby is a dragged love drama with a dark ending but it has enough youth elements to keep the audience just about engaged.

Rating: 2.5/5