Bro Review: Middling entertainer

28 Jul 2023 132 views
Bro Review: Middling entertainer

Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej came together for Bro which released in theaters today. The film is billed to be an entertaining drama. Here's our review of it.

Story: Markandeyulu(Sai) leads a busy lifestyle and he doesn't have too much time to spare. But once he meets with an accident, his life changes forever and in the process, he meets the god of time (Pawan Kalyan). How does this take his life forward?

What about the actors' performances? 

Pawan Kalyan is an energy booster for the film and he looks immaculate. He literally lights up every scene that he is in. Sai looks alright in the role but there is some disparity in regard to his chemistry with Pawan. There is a mismatch of grace. But Sai is still recovering from effects of the accident and should get more eased up in the due course.

What about the technical finesse?

The director Samuthirakani has stuck to the soul of the original and he keeps it rather simple. The music by Thaman is alright at best. 


Bro is an intended entertaining drama based on the concept of time. It has its bright moments whenever Pawan Kalyan is seen on the screen. Sai is also alright in his role but more is expected of him.

The film is essentially a remake so those who have watched the original might not find it as entertaining as the core plot is established already. 

The narrative is predictable for most parts and there isn't too much freshness attributed to the same. A better paced screenplay in the latter half should have offered a better experience to the audience. 

The emotional connect goes for a toss in most parts and that undoes the novelty in the narration if there was any, in the first place. More care should have been taken in the writing department.

The climax portion is ended on a okayish manner. Some might enjoy it and some might find it not gripping enough.

Verdict: Bro is a middling entertainer that has its bright moments when Pawan Kalyan is on screen. The rest is predictable and the narrative doesn't have the desired impetus in terms of emotional connect. Rating: 2.5/5